Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some new Photographs!

Check out the April pictures at

Paintings by mi amigo Pedro Abreu - MUST see

You must see the work by my friend Pedro Abreu, whom I knew was a fine photographer, but I had no idea what an amazing painter he was, and how creatively he constructs his images. Canvases extend beyond rectangles, and items become real and flow from the canvas, literally. Plus the detail within each painting leaves you discovering new things each time you look at the work. You will enjoy these, as well as some of Pedro's photographs, now showing at the Henry Gregg Gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn, 111 Front. St.

Hungry Gal

Friday, April 24, 2009

Michael Pollen on Food (my fave topic)

A Food Revolution in the Making, from Victory Gardens to the White House Lawn

Last month, First Lady Michelle Obama broke ground for a new vegetable garden on the South lawn of the White House. It's the first time food will be grown at the President's residence since Eleanor Roosevelt planted her Victory Garden during World War II. Back then, as part of the war effort, the government rationed many foods and the shortage of labor and transportation fuel made it difficult…READ MORE HERE

Tripped Out Commercial for Scrabble

Courtesy of Ogilvy Paris and Mattel -

MORE awesome animations like this at:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Other Planetary Days?

Ok, so we have our "Earth Day" - I think to be fair, we need to have days for other planets, or at least some of our favorites....I propose that August 13 be "Mars Day" and maybe have a "Saturn Day" soon after. For Saturn Day, folks could wear extra rings and be really gassy maybe....

Little Red Riding Hood UPDATED

SlagsmÄlsklubben - Sponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo.

Please Don't Shake the Baby!!

Apple Pulls 'Baby Shaker' iPhone Program


SEATTLE — Apple Inc. pulled a 99-cent iPhone game called "Baby Shaker" from its iTunes store Wednesday after its premise _ quiet a crying baby with a vigorous shake _ prompted outrage.

According to screen shots posted on several Web sites, "Baby Shaker" displayed black-and-white line drawings of a baby.

Pat Condell's latest Rant

some great Live FOCUS from the 70s- sweet!

Hard Bargain circa 2007 Atlanta Blues Festival video

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

freaky food thing

freaky food fun: Insert dried spaghetti into hot dogs, then boil


DrO says: "I wanted to point out to you that some people on LiveJournal came up with an idea of inserting dry spaghetti into hot dogs, then boiling it, and coming out with amusing culinary constructs that kids seem to love."

this is from!

news about thebassguy

Hard Bargain next gigs:

5/6 at Ace of Clubs, 8pm, opening for a Buddy Guy protege and guitarist, Scott Holt and

5/16 at Rahway Classic Car show downtonw (3pm Nancy's Townhouse)

Photo exhibits coming up in Brooklyn, CT, Rockaways ...stay tuned!

Interesting items from the blogga-sphere

this just in...Hate making eye contact with folks you don't know? new pictures of outer space... are for real, folks...

Stop all Lobbying and Campaign contributions

I honestly think our system has been corrupted by paid lobbyists, PACs and political contributions. Anyone else agree?