Friday, September 11, 2009

Just Another 9/11 in NYC

Sadly, it's become routine here in NY - families of the murdered huddle at "Ground Zero" (which will be left as a construction site in perpetuity, evidently), while the rest of us go to work as normal...yet we all know there is no normal. On 9/10/01 we were asleep, we woke up for a while, and now have hit the snooze button.

We here in NYC think about that day in a special way, and it might be hard to understand if you don't live here, unless you were visiting on 9/11/01. The horrors we felt and shared still feels remarkably local.

Crazy to think what the country's been through since, with the crazy rightwing semi-literate president and his henchmen, then electing a brilliant thinker and writer, only to have things dumbed down by the crazy right again, and the weak Democrats.

The USA seems to be divided into 2 USA's - again. This time the names of the sides are "Fear" and "Loathing". Pick one.

How about we abolish Nationalism, Patriotism, Religious Ferver and Greed?

(oh, and abolish all Political Contributions and PACS!)

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