Thursday, December 10, 2009

Health Insurance is a big Scam

OK, I said it.  The middleman/gatekeeper/deathpanel/monopoly gang that keeps a stranglehold on doctors, hospitals and clinics has gotten out of control.

And since we can't actually REGULATE or apply ANTI-TRUST laws, looks like a huge problem that only spending billion$ can address, right?  WRONG, and here's why.

IF we could only have the 'big bad' Government control some of the activities and profitability of the industry, to the benefit of consumers and providers, we might have a inexpensive fix.  But NO.  Because of the hundreds of million$ given to congressfolk and senators to run their campaigns and to shill for the healthcare industry. 

Most folks have no problems paying for 'coverage,' but that has proved to be a joke, especially for those who get really sick or injured, and therefore cannot work.  I'd rather pay into a fund that pays caregivers directly, be it public or non-profit, or even small-profit.  Why not just give a couple hundred a month to the local hospital, so when I must go there, I'll be covered, instead of giving to Aetna Blue Cross United Oxford so they can reward shareholders and public officials. 

Maybe I'm just un-American, but this debate has gone on too long and all 3 parties (Dem, Repub & Tea)
are afraid to upset their paymasters.  Sorry, just had to vent!  Now tell me why I'm wrong.

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