Wednesday, March 31, 2010

RADICAL solutions HERE!

Radical solution #1:  No Bill shall come before Congress which is more than 100 pages long.  Enforce this rule by breaking all legislation so legislators and public can read and fully understand.  Committiees must re-write and edit so every voted on bill is 100 pages or less.

Radical solution #2:  Allow tea-baggers and right-wingers to opt out of EVERY federal program.  We cut their taxes to be lower than anyone elses, BUT, for them, No Medicare, No firemen, No lobbying or political contributions, No Social Security, No Medicaid, No mail services, No rail services, No public transportation of any kind, No public water (dig a well!), No sewage treatment (get a tank!), No public TV, No Unemployment insurance (government handouts), No food inspections, No student loans, No garbage pickup, etc.

Radical solution #3: Outlaw ALL political monetary or in-kind contributions from individuals and private/public companies.  Outlaw all lobbying groups and PAC efforts.

Radical solution #4: Outlaw career politicians; make and enforce term limits.

Radical solution #5: Government & major corporations (combined) pay for Training of workers, right out of high school, especially for lower-income families.  Incentivize fields where needs are greatest.  MUCH cheaper to educate and collect taxes on the employed than to support non-workers.  

Radical solution #6: Do away with "health insurance" all -together, and set up medical co-ops, where folks pay doctors and hospitals and clinics directly, at extremely more affordable rates than necessary when insurance companies are in the middle. Otherwise, just provide free care to the most needy and assist others who need it.  Remember, Everyone needs medical care and it is not a luxury or priveledge, but a basic human right. And providers need to be paid well for their hard work.

OK, now tell me why I'm wrong.....

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