Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Death to America! by Hardee's

new Hardee's Monster Thickburger.....85 grams of fat, 4,240 calories, YUMMM - comes with a cardiac cath and bottle of Lipitor on the side.
(ok, i'm exagerating the numbers, but this stuff is killing us, both physically, financially, environmentally and agriculturally.)

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  1. I think I have eaten at a Hardees once and it was near St. Ignace, Michigan in the 70's. It was the bottom feeding fast food experience of my life. The burger was dry and tasteless...well, the carbonic faux grilled flavor livened it up a little, but obviously they have been able to stay in business with the genius of unimaginative dullard slovenly slob appeal. Back in the day, the biggest burger I knew of was from a place in Toledo, Ohio called the White Hut. I'm not sure what they marketed it asd, but we referred to it as The Slut Burger. It had no taste either.

    Thanks for checking out my I have to check out your music.

    I shall return.