Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tax is Government Theft??

GREAT POST found on WaPo comments:

So taxation is stealing. Well, good, let's stop stealing (because that is really wrong, we know that). Once the stealing has ceased we can shut down the federal government, the military and all related industries, the public schools, the entire transportation infrastructure (especially all of those costly roads, pesky signs, and troublesome stoplights) the banking and financial regulatory system, police, fire, and water services, R&D on anything from infectious diseases to military defense, stop all medicare and medicaid spending and funding, eliminate social security, eliminate air traffic control, eliminate all building and electrical codes, sanitation services of any type --water, garbage, and so on. Of course we need to shut down civil and air defenses as well. Fire all state and federal employees. Eliminate workmen's comp and unemployment benefits. Do away with all rail service. Eliminate food inspectors. Do away with clean water regulations. Eliminate limits on industries that pollute, including those who spew toxic chemicals into the air and streams and, what the heck, why worry about radioactive meltdowns at nuclear regulators. Of course we'll need to eliminate all subsidies to any person, small business or large corporation. Do away with student loan and grant programs. And, of course all those damn food stamps that are just bankrupting the country.

After that, we can ll just pass the plate around at Church and act charitably..

Wow, what a great place it would be to live. I can't wait.
(Thanks, baileyj!)

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