Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Unemployment Insurance PAID for!

(from Ketchup Is A Vegetable)
Here’s what I don’t understand about what’s not being said regarding the Senate’s asshole behavior on the unemployment extention.

If you work, your employer is required to pay state and federal payroll taxes into unemployment on your behalf. This expense is based on your earnings. These benefits are included as part of your gross income for consideration by the Internal Revenue Service.

We’re not talking about handouts when we’re talking about unemployment insurance. We’re talking about a legitimate benefit that people pay for through their working lives. The Senate is denying people a benefit they’ve already paid for. These assholes are stealing from you. Again. Dig?

Why isn’t anyone saying this, anyway?   (other than thebassguy, that is! thanks, Brady Bonk and KIAV!)

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